Monday, April 07, 2008


Yesterday was Thunder Run IV. We decided we would check it out, even though neither one of us felt comfortable enough to ride with that many people. This is the biggest run in Oklahoma and it was amazing as we drove out Memorial Road to Thunder Cycles. I'm not sure how many bikes there were, but I would guess thousands. We pulled into the parking lot and parked way down at the end. Bikes were parked up and down the road and packed into a field behind the venue. We decided we would look at the vendors' items, then go on our own ride. So, we bought some Showtime cleaner and a tshirt then headed to Bricktown. It was such a nice day and we rode for about 5 or 6 hours off and on. Nothing like burning $3.21/gallon gas just for the hell of it. But, on the bike, it doesn't feel as heinous as if I were just driving around in my truck for no good reason. It finally feels like the cold weather is gone and riding days are here again. Like it's not a tease this time; oh how I hope I'm right!


Becky said...

I hope you are right. Sounds good to have warm weather to ride in. I'm still waiting here in Seattle. The warmest day we've had yet is 50 if we are lucky. Sounds like that was a cool rally. I don't blame you for going off on your own ride. I hope you have photos at some point because I've never seen Oklahoma.


Ronman said...

I love taking solo rides. Not that I don't ride in a group plenty. Oh! I figure that the scooter trips are therapy so if you look at them that way it's a bargain.