Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4th of July: a mere 16 days away!

In honor of my favorite holiday, I will share a story I found in the Darwin Awards. I promise I will not attempt to do this stunt, Mom. Do not worry. However, I can promise that my fireworks extravaganza will be fantabulous. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, it is a private party and none of you can be invited. I do apologize. Just know this: I rock at blowing shit up.

At a party somewhere between Nashville and Bloomington, a young man was drinking and watching people set off fireworks. Suddenly a great idea occurred to him. He could improve upon this amateur fireworks display! He put down his drink and set to work.When it comes to fireworks, your brain can't be much safer than sheltered inside a football helmet. He found an old helmet, duct-taped a mortar-style firework to the top, put it on his head, and lit the fuse...A bright flash of light nearly blinded observers. When their eyes recovered, they saw him lying on the ground, unconscious and bleeding. Astoundingly, the 21-year-old survived this party stunt with only a mild concussion and burns. His helmet, however, was blown to pieces.


Ronman said...

Too funny. I'm thinking that was in Indiana. It's a shame that we can't view your display on the fourth. That was the old man's birthday.


iburyem said...

Yes, unfortunately ya'll cannot view the display. It truly is awesome. Except for the time I tried to send off 3 mortars out of one tube. The 1st one went fine. But, it knocked the tube over to where it faced the crowd. Of course, this sent the 2nd one directly at poor Kenna (who freaked!). I don't remember what happened to the 3rd, there was too much chaos. But, it sure was exciting!