Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A motorcycle post (of sorts)!

Finally, a small post about motorcycling. No, not a detail of a trip, I did no riding this past weekend (which, by the way, is really starting to SUCK). But, something I came across while researching a Patron Saint for a family that I met with today. Enjoy the history lesson (I especially like the prayer at the end):

The Patron Saint of motorcyclists and the bikes they rode in on is Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, otherwise known as, Our Lady of Grace. In 1830 in a convent in Paris, Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure. Our Lady asked St. Catherine to make a medal and showed St. Catherine a picture of exactly how the medal should look. In essence, then, this medal is a self portrait of Mary. The medal was an instant hit and earned it's name. So many people who wore the medal had miracles happen to them that the medal came to be known as the "Miraculous Medal". No one is sure how the Miraculous Medal came to be the protection of bikers. An obvious guess is that if you have an accident on a bike, it's a miracle if you survive.
Another Patron Saint dealing with transportation: Mother Frances Cabrini, Italian immigrant and builder of orphanages, schools and hospitals in major cities of America, once hitched a ride in a limo. She told the rich woman (who gave her a lift) of a dream she had had the night before of an orphanage on yonder hill. When the rich woman dropped off Mother Cabrini at the convent, the rich woman asked for a glass of water. The woman told Mother Cabrini that for the glass of water she would donate the hill....since she owned the property. Mother Cabrini getting a ride to exactly where she really wanted to go has earned her the patronage of keeping your vehicle moving. Prayer for the intercession of Mother Cabrini: "Mother Cabrini, put down your liguini, look down from heaven and fix my machini."

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