Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am Reaper, hear me ROAR!

The pipes are excellent! We rode to Goldsby (south of Norman) yesterday. It's only about an hour ride from here and it took us 2 1/2 hours. We got stuck on some country road, kind of got lost, but it didn't matter. We had our good friend, Joy, with us. She rode on the back with Dee the whole way there and back. I don't know how her butt took it. On the way, we saw a cow that had just given birth (we could tell by the large gooey thing she was eating, gross) and saw a hawk flying over us with a large snake in his mouth. We ate catfish in Goldsby, then decided to get back on the highway to head to Norman. That trip took us 5 minutes. Then we went by the OU Softball game and stopped to have dinner on the way home. We were gone about 12 hours.

The pipes are nice. I'm sure I irritated the other drivers, because I can't help but hit the throttle when I'm sitting at a red light. Too bad. I'm sure I'll get over it, or not. We are getting back on the bikes in about an hour. The farm looks like crap. I need to mow. Guess I'll do it after work tomorrow...


Becky said...

Sounds like a perfect ride with lots of exciting sights. You must have gotten tough with the shop to get your bike back so fast. Have fun with your pipes!


iburyem said...

It was a perfect ride! Oddly enough, I stopped by there on Thursday afternoon and he said it was finished. I didn't get to pick it up until Friday morning, since they didn't bother to call and tell me it was ready, but I was happy anyway.

Ronman said...

Sounds like a great ride. Oh and just remember that you're never lost until you're out of fuel. Hey I see in the picture that you're working on your tan. I have a very similar yet more defined tan myself pretty lady. I can't wait to watch your tan mature and darken over the next few weeks.