Saturday, May 24, 2008

Time to catch up, finally....

This week has been extremely busy. The 2nd to last post, I was bitching and moaning about how it's really slow around here, then bam! the bottom falls out. The last post I had, the bottom did indeed fall out and we were up to 5 actual calls and 2 pending. That night it got worse. We ended up with 2 more, plus the 2 that were pending. That brought the total to 9, with an upcoming holiday weekend. Yea. Not so much. The cemeteries are very strict about when you can and can't have services on Memorial Day weekend. Therefore, we had 5 services yesterday and 2 today. Then, 2 families get to wait until next week to have theirs. At any rate, I am thankful we got no more calls last night, since I'm the only director on this weekend. After Monday, though, I'll be off the rest of next week. I plan to use my time wisely and put many, many miles on my bike. Have a good holiday, everyone!

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Ronman said...

Wow! You are really busy these days ma'am. I'm happy you have some down time coming up to get out and ride ride ride.