Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I left my bike at the shop yesterday with high hopes of picking it up tomorrow with new pipes. I think that will be a miracle. I called earlier and he says they are 10 days behind in the shop. WTF? Another guy told me yesterday that I could pick it up this afternoon and I said I wouldn't because of the fact that it was going to be stormy. So, who is right? The service guy or the guy at the counter yesterday? Who the hell knows, but I'm sure going to be pissed if I'm sitting at home all weekend because of their little oversight. Dammit. I guess I should have waited until winter.


Becky said...

So sorry about the shop mix-up. Just keep calling them and they will get so tired of it they will get your bike done first, just to get you off their back. Sometimes persistence is required. Good luck.


Ronman said...

I think you should do as Becky suggested but add that you write and then tell them the name of your blog so they can get the picture. Oh and dropping a business card shouldn't hurt either. That's right scare the hell out of em.