Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Work is a drag.

Not for the obvious reasons; I'd rather be riding my motorcycle, I'd rather be mowing, I'd rather be fishing, etc. But it's a drag because this business is so cyclical. There is a definite "slow" time down here at the dead zone. And, there is a definite "slammed" time. Generally, the slow time is in the spring (now), then picks up a little in early summer, then drops off again by July or August. That's if we don't have a heat wave.

It's not that I wish people harm in order for us to be busy. It's just that if it could ever be steady throughout the year, it would be nice. Having a few slow weeks is not a reward for getting 8 calls in a night. It just makes you restless, waiting for the bottom to drop out. So, until the bottom drops out, I wait. I am working this weekend, and it's a holiday. That in itself generally makes for a busy time.

While I'm talking about the holiday, I'll also say this. Be careful. Dangerous things happen on holidays. Trust me, I've seen it. Too many idiots on the lake, road, etc and usually too much alcohol. I never like those to be the reasons I'm busy. Never. It's too damn hard.


Becky said...

I had no idea there were 'slow' and 'busy' times in your business. I guess I assumed people dying is a pretty constant thing, although I get the Holiday weekend warning. If people would just live you could get on with your motorcycle riding! Hang in there.


Ronman said...

Well I'm sure you want the work but thanks for not wanting it so badly that you wish is to speed things up for ya. hahaha Perhaps you should pass out business cards to people you see acting stupid. Just a thought.